Inspired by Stacey’s reflective post

September: Space, the first frontier

I enter my classroom, a vast cathedral of space with lots of windows, not really enough walls, and space – demanding to be defined.

May: Space, how do I get that frontier back into…

Time to pack it up, an entire classroom of stuff needs to be put away in boxes, closets, on shelves, stashed….away and out of this space.

September: Let the children come

They come, shy and clinging to their parents.  They glance around the room wondering what this place is.  It has toys, yes, and games and books, but there is something else going on here and they don’t have a clue what it all means.

May: Let the children go

They go, out into summer bursting with confidence and a sense of “smart” they never knew before.  They don’t look back but they aren’t really sure how to look forward either.

September: Let the teacher teach

I begin the way I always do with a song I’ve sung for years to welcome them in and create community from the very first day.

May: And the teacher taught, and she learned

I may begin the same but I never end up in the same place as the year before.  Just like the children, I’ve got a new kind of “smart” and even though I’m ready to rest, I’m ready to bring it back in the fall, better than ever.


tales of words, rich – glorious – sound stretching words

sols_6I have two very verbal English speaking boys in my classroom who provide amazing language models for their Spanish speaking peers.  Recently we have been telling and retelling, and acting out in every way imaginable every child’s favorite tales.  I love the mix of clear and mixed up sentences I am hearing from my students:

“It was time for the little pigs to go off into the world and make homes for themselves.”

“Did they leave their mommy?”
“Was she sad a them go?”

“Yes she was sad, but they were ready. It was time for them to go.”

“I’m never going to leave my mommy.”
“Me, no either.”


“And he huffed, and he puffed, and he blew the house in.”

“Did he eat the little piggy?”
“No, he go a that house.”
“He should just go all the way to the brick house.”


“Trip-trap, trip-trap, trip-trap.   What did the troll say?”

“I na eat you up!”
“Be off you.”
“Go get your sweet grass.”


“Jack threw the beans out the window and they grew and grew and grew up to the clouds.”

“They grew to a castle.”
“A bigga grrrrr.” (ogre)
“He jump with the gold.”
“And liva happy affer.”

the sun is shining and everyone is here!

Today was an amazing day!  The sun has been blasting on us for almost a straight week and our spirits are somewhere up above the clouds.  It is a joy to celebrate outside with the exuberance of a preschooler.

We’ve been taking bubbles to the playground, trying out all the climbing equipment with our new-found confidence:
jumping from higher heights     2
sliding down the tall pole    4
figuring out how to pump on the swings by ourselves.    3

But the best part of today was….everyone was present!  No one was sick, no one home because of family issues.  Finally a whole-class picture for our portfolios.  Squinty yes, but all accounted for!   1