link to watch

My life is too filled up with grief right now because of a tragic accident in the family.  But this is a link to watch a wonderful documentary in support of early childhood education – I wish every state would take note and put their money down.


summer school on my brain

My colleagues are still at it in the classroom and here I am at home, clicking on sites all over the internet, researching ideas for summer school which begins mid-July. I’ve been teaching in summer school for the past 4 years or so and while there are slight differences each year, I think we finally have a routine in place that works for the staff and the kids.

Last year, our music teacher was part of the staff and had the students singing for a half hour everyday. They put on a little concert for their parents the last day.  I wish she was able to come back this year but family issues are keeping her away.  I’ll have to think about some other way our students can share summer learning with their families.

While the summer school staff has developed a math and literacy focus for our work together, I do love bringing some kind of crafty project work to the students, indulging them in a little extra time to mess around and experiment with mediums they might not get to in the school year.  This year we might be diving deeper into fairy tales so my computer is loaded with bookmarked sites of new ideas to bring to the classroom.

I am on vacation, however, so even though I’m thinking a bit about what is ahead, I am thoroughly enjoying this amazing spell of NW sunshine and heat!