11454297503_e27946e4ff_hWe have an old computer keyboard in the dramatic play center of my preschool classroom.  Today one of my students sat diligently typing on it.  Then he paused at one point and was heard to say, “Darn it.  I’ll never be able to afford that!”


unintended consequences

I know she didn’t mean for it to happen, but it did, or maybe I’m being overly sensitive.

Yesterday our whole school was in a good mood.  It was Friday, it was assembly day, and the day before Super Bowl weekend and our school had Seahawks fever.  Everyone had been encouraged to wear blues and greens and there were some wild hair-dos and color coordinated outfits in every classroom.

At the end of our school assemblies, we always sing our school song with Mrs. W marching back and forth on a pathway between the seated students.   Yesterday she came up to lead the song and said, “I’m going to go off-script.” She proceeded to describe a certain kind of football jersey, the kind with the name on the back, and invited every student wearing one of those  jerseys to come up front and help her lead the song.

Kids started coming forward from all over the gym.  The 5-year-old sitting next to me pointed to his shirt and said, “I have a Seahawks shirt on.  Does mine have a name on it?”  “No, honey, you are right, it’s a navy blue shirt but it’s not the kind with a name.”

There were probably 50 students up front singing and it was one of the loudest and pride-filled renditions of our beloved song,  but all I could think about was how expensive those shirts are and that an innocent invitation had just divided a student body into have’s and have-not’s.